How To Generate/Apply Andhra Bank Credit Card [Online]

By | September 25, 2017

How To Generate/Apply Andhra Bank Credit Card: Dear user, if you are having an account in Andhra Bank, even confused?

Now it’s time to take a relief because here we are going to provide you so simple steps to apply for credit card.

Now only how to apply but also we will give our best to tell you all the benefits of using credit card altogether.

A credit card is a small plastic card and the respective credit card issued by the bank.

One who is having a credit card they can easily purchase goods and services on credit card and with a promise of paying back within a specified duration of time.

Credit card always helps you to make your purchases, even it allows you to borrow money and it doesn’t matter what you are going to purchase for exp, booking a ticket, paying goods and services amount, etc.

The Usages of the credit card have been increasing over a period of years.

The reason is people have become habitual of it, with the help of this they are able to save their time, which is rather expensive.

Even when you make payment through credit card then no any extra charges apply.

Keep reading this article till the end you will get everything here to know about, which is more important to know.

AB has different types of credit cards such as Corporate Credit card, Master Card Electronic, Master, Platinum, Gold and Classic and affiliated with Master card International and Visa.

Apply platinum Andhra Bank Credit Card

Features of Credit Card

As we informed you above that credit card are very beneficial, you can make payment of your availing faculties instant.

The use of credit card has been rising over years, not only in a couple of countries but in many developed countries on account of its utility and features.

Let’s know about more features as are follows.

  • Currency: There is a good facility available, if you are a holder of credit card and wish to pay in domestic currency then you can pay as well as can pay in foreign currency. But there are also common charges applicable such as annual fee, cash withdrawal, over limit fee, late payment charges, services tax even on foreign currency transactions.
  • Offers: Credit Card holders can avail of offered features as are available here such as gift coupons, reward points, cash back and other extra discounts on your purchases.
  • Credit History: Being a user of credit card you can build credit history yourself with the use of credit card, it will enable you to improve your credit card score.
  • Cash Withdrawal: As each user of credit card know that it is very helpful withdrawing money through ATM. But there is also a charge applicable, if the credit card holder goes for any cash withdrawal higher than normal transactions, there is a limit of cash withdrawal.
  • EMI: The user can also have the benefit of EMI that is offered wherein the holder of a credit card. It has the option to convert the credit card purchases into EMI but depending on each bank.
  • Balance Transfer: If you want to transfer money from one credit card to another then you can. It is one of reasonable and very useful service of the credit card.

Benefits of Credit Card

Whenever we think anything to use then suddenly various kinds of thoughts come to mind, what is the benefit of it (Iske Fayde Kya Hai?).

So, the same we are going to inform you the benefits of the credit card.

  • Emergency: Don’t know when and how what happens, at that time of emergencies or any other trouble creates then, in that case, the credit card can help you by providing credit at the right time.
  • Alternative to cash: Credit card is not only convenient but also safe to carry to and from than carrying the heavy wallet. It is also helpful in shopping that’s up to you online or offline its help in both.
  • Credit Offers: As we informed you above you can build your credit history yourself, remember having a good credit history helps you to get credit when you need it.
  • Welcome Offers: Users are always happy, when he/she is going to avail of a credit card. Because it provides offer rewards, schemes etc.
  • Cash Back: If you make payment through your credit card. Then you will keep on getting a few cash back into your account.
  • Secure Transactions: Long ago one used to carry bundles of cash for shopping or any other goods. But now due to the credit card, there is no need of carrying cash with you. It is rather safer than carrying cash, it is also safe when you want any online transaction, and because you know there is need of secret password and OTP.

Eligibility Criteria, Terms and Conditions

Customers who want to have the credit card should be eligible for it first.

If bank found you as eligible as per its need then it will allow you to apply for it.

So, know eligibility criteria, terms and conditions as mentioned below.

  • Cards are issued to a customer to (Non Customers on selective basis).
  • If talk income eligibility then it is Rs 3.00 lakhs per Annum.
  • About Business class: 2 years I.T.Returns with computation sheets.
  • If talk about salaried class: Form 16 / ITRs with latest Salary slip.
  • Cards are also issued against lien on Deposit with 25% margin and the minimum deposit is Rs 1, 00,000/-. Without insistence of income proof and scoring model. The annual subscription is at a concessional rate of Rs 400/- per Annum for cards issued against deposits etc.

Instruction for Andhra Bank Credit Card Apply Online

Dear customers, we have described everything above such as benefits, features etc.

Now it’s time to know how to apply for credit card. Also if you do not know  “how to activate andhra bank credit card” then we will tell you complete procedure here.

You must have been thinking about it since you heard about the use of and benefits of credit cards.

Then suddenly a point comes into your mind how to apply for (Kaise Apply Kru?) credit card.

So dear customers there is only a simple condition, it is necessary to have an account with AB.

You can say that it is first and compulsory requirement to apply for credit card.

If you want to apply for a credit card to avail the benefits then open your account in AB.

We have provided very simple steps below, so that you may apply for a credit card as soon as possible.


If you wish to apply for credit card offline, so that you may know complete process then you can apply.

  • First visit on the official website
  • Then, go down on the left side you will get an option Download Applications Forms.
  • After downloading the form you have to fill it as per required details.

fresh apply credit card andhra bank


andhra bank new credit card application


Apply Andhra Bank Credit Card 3


documents required for applying andhra bank credit card

  • Duly fill the form without making any mistake and submit it nearest branch of Andhra Bank.

How to Login AB Credit Card

You can login for Credit Card using Andhra Bank credit card login portal. Check out the complete procedure :-

andhra bank credit card bill desk

  • Now, you have to click on “AB Credit Card Portal Login”.
  • Then, a new page will open on your display screen, where you have to enter Customer ID and Password.

andhra bank credit card reward points

  • Unfortunately, you don’t have customer ID and Password, then you can get customer ID clicking on “Get your Customer ID” through your registered mobile number. Than new user can register by clicking on “Register User using OTP”.

andhra bank credit card division

  • Through the link “Register User using OTP” you can register yourself by providing customer ID and DOB (Date of Birth) and your registered mobile number.

andhra bank credit card customer care

  • After filling the required details accepts Term and Conditions, you can click on “Register”.
  • You can also reset/get your password again from Forgot Password Where you have to fill required details.

how to activate andhra bank credit card


Benefits of doing credit card login,

  • You can Check Andhra Bank credit card statement & also see if there any offer for you.
  • You will also see “how to redeem andhra bank credit card reward points”

How to add credit card in Andhra bank

We are providing you simple and easy process through which you can add credit card with Net banking account.

To activate this beneficial facility AB Net banking user don’t need to visit the bank branch.

To avail the facility you just need Net banking user id and password, data connection, follow the below steps:-

  • Login to AB Net banking account: – Visit the official website of Bank which is, then click on Internet Banking Login>>Retail user Login>>Continue>>then in login page Enter the User Id and Password and click on “Submit” button.

andhra bank platinum debit card

  • In home page, click on the “Credit Card” tab which is on top
  • Three options will flash: – Credit card, Add Credit card in andhra bank, and Credit Card bill payment.

andhra bank platinum debit card limit

  • Choose “Add Credit Card” option

andhra bank credit card statement

  • Add credit card page will open. Input the details pay to, Nickname, Minimum amount, Business Category, Address, Area, city etc.

andhra bank credit card apply online

  • At End enter your card number and click on “Add “to register the credit card.

configure credit card andhra bank

Andhra Bank credit card payment through NEFT

You may easily know about credit card payment using andhra bank credit card bill desk that is why in view of this we have provided screenshots as per steps.

  • First visit on the official website
  • Then, click on “Internet Banking”

andhra bank credit card payment through neft

  • Now, you will reach to next page where you have to click on “Retail User Login”

andhra bank debit card rewards points login

  • After all Net Banking page will display on your screen read and accept condition by clicking on Continue.

andhra bank reward points app

  • Now, you have to enter User ID and Net Banking Password and click on

andhra bank credit card able rewards

  • Here you will reach to Banking Home Page, Now select credit card sections and click on Credit Card Bill Payment.

how to redeem andhra bank credit card reward points

  • To pay credit card bill kindly click on Search

andhra bank debit card rewards login

  • Thereafter, your credit card bill will flash now click on “Click here to pay”

able rewards program

  • You can go for total bill amount or minimum bill amount by selecting a debit amount from it. Finally, Click on ‘Accept’ to make the Payment.

andhra bank credit card login portal

If you have any query related to credit card then your can contact Andhra bank credit card customer care at :-

Note: For more information, you may visit the official website or bookmark this page to know latest updates.

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