How To Reset/Forgot Andhra Bank Login Password – [ In 4 Minutes]

By | September 25, 2017

How To Reset/Forgot Andhra Bank Login PasswordDear users, we are here providing you brief details related password reset.

Today we are living in the era of digitization where our life revolves around the online facilities.

We all have many of accounts in different platform and to remember that entire login password in a difficult task.

So if you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by a simple process.

No need to panic just follows the simple and easy steps.

If you have registered for Online Banking then you will receive customer ID and login password from your registered bank.

Without andhra bank net banking user id and password you cannot login to your net banking account.

It is very important to keep your user id and password safe and secure.

Remember that if you forget your login password and want to retrieve it, the bank will help you to provide a new password.

Here we are providing you with the process by which you can reset your forgotten password.

Ways To Reset Andhra Bank Login Password

As a user, we know that Internet banking is very useful.

Having an account and using Internetonline banking one is able to save his/her time easily.

By Online banking we can access our bank account 24*7.

Both Retail and Corporative users can avail the facility of net banking with a relief.

There are simply two ways by which you can reset your password.

You can easily reset login password by following ways:-

  1. Online Method: – By visiting the official website.
  2. Offline Method: – By visit the bank branch

How to Reset Andhra Bank Login Password – [Online Method]

To reset your password, you need to follow the simple steps:-

Visit the official web portal:-

Reset Andhra Bank Login Password 1

  • Next, you need to click on “Continue“, then Personal banking page will be open where you need to click on “Set Login password”.

How To Reset/Forgot Andhra Bank Login Password - how to set transaction password in andhra bank net banking

In Generate your Net banking password pages you need to complete three steps:-

password regeneration request andhra bank

  • Enter User Id: – Firstly, enter the valid user Id, and click on “Submit Button

how to set transaction password in andhra bank for first time

  • Enter Mobile Number: – Then, enter register mobile number. Mobile number is mandatory as OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number only.

the user is already disabled for transaction andhra bankandhra bank internet banking first time login

  • Validate OTP and Password Reset: – Next, you need to enter the OTP which you have received. After submitting the mobile number; you will receive OTP through SMS if the OTP over SMS not received, OTP over voice will deliver. OTP will valid for the current session only. The bank will send fresh OTP for each request. Then, click on “Proceed” Button

what is default transaction password in andhra bank

  • Next, you need to enter the “New password
  • Then, again re-enter it and finally, click on “Generate” button

andhra bank login password disabled

Net banking login password has successfully change message will display on your computer screen.

andhra bank retail user login forgot password

How to Check New Password

  • Log into your account: – Click on “Click here to Login”.
  • Then, enter the “User id” and “New Login Password
  • Finally, click on “Submit” button
  • Now you can easily access to your Andhra Net Banking account.

How To Reset Password – Offline Method

  • To reset or retrieve andhra bank retail login forgot password, follow the below steps:-
  • Firstly, visit the official website
  • Then, on home page of official web portal, click on “Download Applications

i forgot my andhra bank customer id

  • Next, To download application form click on “Application for forgot transaction password in andhra bank net banking”
  • Finally, you need to duly fill the application form and submit it to the bank Branch along with Signature and account number.

Download the application:-

You can download the application by the following URL:

Point to remember while resetting the Forgot Password

  • Your new password cannot be same as any of your previous passwords.
  • The password should contain the combination of digits, alphabets and a special character.
  • The password should be minimum of 8 characters and maximum of 15 characters.
  • Verify the domain name ( and
  • Ignore any e-mail asking for your password/pin and inform bank incidents immediately to investigate into them.
  • Bank will never contact you asking to reveal your online banking or payment card passwords/pins information.

Never reveal or share your banking information or online banking/payment card user-ids and passwords to any third party.

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